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Shigehachi Shikiba "Tokyo Fukuro-gi"

From 1 July Heisei 28, when each company receives a red seal at each company with the folding screen type "folding book" which each company name was cut out with ink, collecting all the red seal, "Kaibutsu, eight shrine · sanpo" You can have a sealed full desire (meaning that all wishes are satisfied).
Why do not you go for a short trip that touches the shrine and each region using the Toei Subway 's 1 day ticket, learn about their respective cultures and history, and touch relaxation and peace.

Origami folding fee: 1,200 yen Shrine of each shrine Goshuin staff fee: 300 yen

Tokyo Fuku Meguri Original Origin
(Distribution started from July 1, 2008)


Information on the eight companies (nearest station)

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