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Sanjamatsuri Heisei 20 Selection result

We recruited Sanjamatsuri Heisei Yanagi in the year of Heisei 20, there were a lot of applications.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct
Sanjamatsuri festival that throws a transmission network to the Olympics Michael Buddha

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Three generations tie three net Sanjamatsuri

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Sanjamatsuri seven hundred year old as it is in Quanzhou

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
The cool Japan of Edoguchi is a Sanjamatsuri sunny


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri enthusiasm melting snow Yoss
Sanjamatsuri which becomes trend of tweet A late cat ☆
House lantern The house is a father's Sanjamatsuri Michiko Kosugi
Sanjamatsuri There is a distant and near Edo Sayakana
A festival heart lit at the festival ceremony Ayame
Fresh grasshopper that is comfortable to eyes past Q-chan
Bicycles that carve the rhythm in the hustle and bustle Sakako
Sanjamatsuri grandchild inherits indefinitely Myanmar
Three arrows and three companies are booming Sharpness
Hayashi with summer incense and ayamen Wakeishi Swallow


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
A roaring moon is a Sanjamatsuri 100 shrines Haruru
I was impatient and impatient Sakai special mention
A shooting stick that was also ahead of the flower stick Kazumi Ito
Sanjamatsuri that pops off for cooking Junichi Kitamura
Sanjamatsuri dancing on 4K screen Mitchy
Sanjamatsuri Otome is a handsome man Takeshi Kurosu
Enoken is also watching from the sky Sanjamatsuri Reika
Sanjamatsuri will play a role in marriage Warunun
I got a feeling of living now Sanjamatsuri Hatchan
Three companies' daily grass eater characters are cast down Shandong Cape
Sanjamatsuri Sky Tree's Maiden Hiroshi Abe
I want you to put it on Guinness Sanjamatsuri Will
Festival going with my wife who grew up in Asakusa Virtue
Three companies' candy hat walks swaying Takashi Yamada
Summer comes to the corner of forty-four towns Ayame
To the ways of people's wave Sanjamatsuri mouse
Sanjamatsuri that mixes legend and you Fujio Suzuki
It is now a Sanjamatsuri world heritage site Yoshizuki
Blow off at May Disease Sanjamatsuri Masahiko Okada
Sanjamatsuri that will welcome you as it is Mitsuru
Edoguchi hospitality at Sanjamics Goldfish
Sanjamatsuri going even if impossible this year Saito Hisa
Rainy season purifies a mikoshi and purifies people Mr. Kawamura
Let's go Sanjamatsuri where grandchildren can hurry Ogawa Masao
Sanjamatsuri waiting waiting for scenes Akiyo Tsunoda
Sanjamatsuri to hand over the incense of Edo to now Akio Kuzuoka
Epic History Picture Scroll Sanjamatsuri British Chan
Sanjamatsuri with seventy years peace Ishida Kayueya
Sanjamatsuri Makasekiri the absence ancestors Michiko Nagai
Three companies with my mother's hands and grandchild's hands Yukie Matsukawa
Sanjamatsuri we set aside for my wife and child Ann in Osaka
Sanjamatsuri taking a rest from "Mother" Luke
Sanjamatsuri Sky Tree is also familiar Kenzoro
A little sorcerer slightly Sanjamatsuri Battlefield
Sanjamatsuri where Edo is blossoming to TOKYO Mizuki
Edo child and self-declared Sanjamatsuri Asasaka
Shrine Mikoshi The winds of the three companies are stroking Sanekara
Sanjamatsuri wishing peace forever A knife
Sanjamatsuri Asakusa shows Japan Kang Women
Living myths in Asakusa Sanjamatsuri Kazuo Kobayashi
Three company's days to shine a clenched spirit Oda Toshimitsu
Ikumen also has Sanjamatsuri faces of brat Miki Kikuchi
The Sanjamatsuri Mikado
Sanjamatsuri that the pride of Edo child burns Shigeta Takubo
The gold medal of the festival Sanjamatsuri Hayashi
Sanjamatsuri Karasha
Sanjamatsuri hospitality for foreign customers Sacrifice
God likes to have fun Rina Tanaka
It would be nice to meet you again Sanjamatsuri Mie Nino
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival at Genki Arabi underground souvenir Hiroshi Yuasa
Three companies will continue to talk about Suddenly
Sanjamatsuri Kazuo Nakamura
Sanjamatsuri Together preparation is done Yamazaki Hideo
Sanjamatsuri smart forgotten Edo's stylish Feathers snowstorm
Sanjamatsuri old-fashioned fancy drama old dude Yumito
Sanjamatsuri Edo is living close by Yui Wakui
Sanjamatsuri Ikina Edoguchi gathering place Mashima Mashima
Sanjamatsuri Relaxing Edo-style wind Noguchi Adult
Sanjamatsuri 's Tokyo this is peace Mountain walking
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival keeping long history Naoyami Yada
Sanjamatsuri Mother's shoulder that I have watched North horse
Sanjamatsuri with hands of wrinkled hands Kentaro Soma
Sanjamatsuri also from Shinkansen Kanazawa Nanase Ryuyanagi
Child of Suppin turns into a shirasagi and dance Masato Nakahara
A lot of people supported Sanjamatsuri Hanonomo
Sanjamatsuri which is murmured and taken by smartphone Yoshidori Kishino
Three companies' heat does not fit into a digital camera Michio
Sanjamatsuri spinning by humanity and history Northerners
Happy Wearing You are here Sanjamatsuri Kakoriko
Was Edokko so much? Sanjamatsuri Fountain
Sanjamatsuri tree and Iina! Compete for Hiro P
Children and grandchildren and annuity Sanjamatsuri Wenzhou oranges
Sanjamatsuri hakeda and three generations Kiri
From mother and child to men Sanjamatsuri A whale
Sanjamatsuri wanting to be the cover of TOKYO Rakuchi
Edo's fascinating three companies' spirit Arima dream
The bonds of familiar people of Edo and the "Three Shrines” Kowloon Shinobu
Sanjamatsuri Kiyoshi Ishii
The flow of the three companies that do not await you Matsukawa Tearful Scarlet
Rainy season was not made hot of three companies Ichibe
Sanjamatsuri where this is the proof that Edo lived Education
Sanjamatsuri Blessed the top of the Buddha Point of laughter
Sanjamatsuri saw the ancestral journey diary Willing love
Unexpected fit to the smartphone Sanjamatsuri Makoto Takakura
Sanjamatsuri children who do not know schoolchildren Difference
The warp is the Sanjamatsuri Edo of flowers Promotion
Whether it is a good harvest or not Mr. Katato
Sanjamatsuri where stress went somewhere Komagane Ryoin
Sanjamatsuri happy to sweat sweat Hinata Narusayama
Today only, everyone's handsome Sanjamatsuri Oyabo
Washoi of the three net's sum! And the back shoulder Father Father
Sanjamatsuri Pochi, grandchildren and grandfathers are also full Kuroshio
Sanjamatsuri where the front bar runs the net Bird dwellers
With a shrine girl pillow carry on hand Left horse
Seven hundred years of Edo child dancing and dancing Tatsuro Manchura
Sanjamatsuri today can not stay Village
I want you to see the three companies of peace from the world Isao Kimura
Tony Valley reminds me of a bottle Natsunosemo
I pick up incense of three companies at my shop Homma Tomiko
Sanjamatsuri felt like Edokko Kozo Kawasaki


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Friend who increased Sanjamatsuri in the summer evening Eri Maruyama
Have a nice day off with sweet bean paste Ikkatakai
Sanjamatsuri dance portable shrine in the sky of Satsuki A festival
Sanjamatsuri lights connecting everyone Tomonari Ikegami
Sanjamatsuri full of history of Tokyo Keisuke Tateno
Thanks to everyone telling God Akai Okawara
God is crazy about making a trash Kawasaki Shouta
Mikoshi who is exciting about you Hina Wakabayashi
Seven hundred years vigorous Sanjamatsuri Yanagi Yanagihara
I feel like the seventeenth year tradition Landless dreams


Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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