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Asakusa Shrine Moon Waiting Lecture


Since ancient time, japanese people have had the custom of loving the moon shining in the night sky.

A monthly waiting event is an event where friends gather on a specific age day, wait for the moon to come out while eating and drinking together, calm down, worship the moon, and wish for the evil epidemic to dissipate.

Asakusa Shrine will do this " Moon Waiting Lecture" as a new attempt.
We will gather at the shrine on the evening of the new moon and full moon and offer prayers and thanks to God.
On the new moon, he performed a large exorcism in the shrine and purified himself. In addition, we will "sow" to swear to God. Write one wish on Washi paper and put it in the "God Prayer (Kami-Negi) Guard".
On the full moon, we pray and announce to God, discuss it, and "harvest" sowed with the new moon. On a clear day, I would like to go out and watch the moon.

日程:令和4年 [新月] 10月25日(火)・[満月] 11月8日(火)
時間:午後5時30分より 所要時間は1時間~1時間半程度
 新月 新たな祈りの場として目標を掲げる
 満月 掲げた目標と結果を報告し、感謝の和を広げる
    お月見をする(隅田川 等)


* The guardians awarded will be special to be distributed only in monthly waiting for the lecture.

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