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Summer visit yukata-wearing hair tie service

We accept "yukata dressing" and "hair knot" at Asakusa Shrine Office. (Reservation required)
Please enjoy [Summer Visit] in Yukata.

() 10時~14時
7月3日(土) 12時~17時
7月4日()    12時~17時

How to accept: Advance reservation required

Vs Elephant: Male and female age a week
However, itwill beallowed only once per person.

Fee: 500 yen
※Hair knot(hair set)there is a limit on the number of people.
Please confirm at the time of booking.

【Female】Yukata (rental available)
Obi (rental available)
2 waist straps (rental available)
2 towels
Japanese underwear to wear under a yukata (canbesubstituted with a tank top or pachicoat))
Footwear (clogs and sandals)

2 towels
1 waist strap
Japanese underwear under yukata (tanktopand shorts))
Footwear (clogs and sandals)

Rental: 500 yen (yukata, obi, 2 waist straps) ※ for women only

Infection control: Please wear a mask and cooperate with temperature inspection and disinfection.
If you are not in good physical condition, please refrain from participating.

その他 :レンタル品の返却及びお手荷物の預かりは当日19時半までとなります。

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