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Reiwa 3rd year "Asakusa Hiroshi" Fukumusume recruitment

Reiwa 3 Year 1 Moon 19 Day ( fire )・ January 20 Day ( water ) "Asakusa Hiroshi Ebisu" (Asakusa is Ebisu) We are looking for a woman who can serve as a Fukumusume. We will distribute Fukusasa and lucky charms at the Asakusa Shrine awarding office.

Working period : Reiwa 3 Year 1 Moon 19 Day ( fire )・ January 20 Day ( water ) of 2 Days

Working hours :a.m 8 30:30 to afternoon 19 Time
* Working hours are subject to change.

Recruitment : About 5 people

Recruitment target​ ​: Unmarried women aged 18 to 25 who live in the Asakusa Shrine Ujigami area (high school students are not allowed)

Service content : Distribution of lucky charms attached to Fukusasa (giving and receiving money), etc.

Assistance fee : Please contact the shrine directly

Treatment : Actual transportation expenses / lunch payment

What to bring​ ​: 2 waist straps, socks

How to apply : Send "CV" and "Fukumusume Service Request Notification" to the address below (stated as "Resume in progress")
 Please download "Fukumusume Service Request Notification" from here.

Application deadline : December 15th​ ​( Tuesday ) (must arrive)

Selection method : After screening the documents, we will contact you by phone as to whether or not you can be hired.

Notes :
① Ryowa 3​ ​January​ ​9 (Saturday) or January​ ​10 (Sun) restricted to those who can participate in the briefing will be held from 14:00 (briefing is accepted on the participation of one or the other only).
② Accessories such as piercings and necklaces, manicure and hair dyeing are strictly prohibited.

111-0032 東京都台東区浅草2-3-1浅草神社社務所

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