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Reiwa 2nd year Sanjamatsuri Senryu selection result

When we recruited Sanjamatsuri Senryu in the 2nd year of Reiwa, we received a large number of applications.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the results of each award.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Excellence Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
The strength of the three companies that fascinate the national crisis Reverse pelicans
Turn adversity into power and Sanjamatsuri Oh yeah
Sanjamatsuri Shrinking Heart Distance Bad luck
I wonder if Amabie will come to Sanjamatsuri Aripon
Sanjamatsuri with more power than usual Rabbit Maro
Not because it's such a time Gokuraku Tombo
The charging outlet is Sanjamatsuri Kofuku
A festival that gives you power that you can't get at a company Sen-chan
Three companies supported by thin arms behind Spring
Sanjamatsuri No Side of Corona A late cat ☆
Binzasara that quietly supports the three companies Gocho
Sanjamatsuri with the voice of Asakusa Moon

Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Women also have knuckles Festival socks Hiromi Saito
Sanjamatsuri, the second year of Reiwa Rinna
It's wisdom, not losing to the corona epidemic Sanjamatsuri Floating person
The power of Sanjamatsuri looking forward Mugino
Sanjamatsuri I can't lose like Corona Kaoru Kiyoshi
Sanjamatsuri whose history is unbroken in Corona Takahiro Narimoto
Supported by the three companies that support each other Yukio Festival
The power of the spirit wins and leaves Corona Mifune
The power to carry the gods supports the town Flying hermit
Sanjamatsuri Matsuri willingness to leave the future forever Galactic Legend
This Sanjamatsuri that supports this life Yukio Kaneko
People who support Sanjamatsuri and local power Flower cabbage
Sanjamatsuri to join forces with the end Etsu
Also to mask Sanjamatsuri burning burning Ri is Hitomi Ranka
Edo no Inase, supported by three pillars Toshihiko Ando
Self-restraint and one heart Sanjamatsuri Rinon
Sanjamatsuri supports Reiwa of the dawn Yoss
Wish to the three companies that are not defeated by the plague Yukinko
People's support is tied up by the corona Yu-kun daddy
Sanjamatsuri that goes beyond the challenges of supporting each other Midfielder
Binzasara playing while avoiding the Three Csara Hinata-woda
Sanjamatsuri The power to connect will be tomorrow Nagomi
Sanjamatsuri that gives power to the dark world Blocks
Three companies and the Edo Olympics that are unwavering in Corona Tatekko
"Leave Corona!" With a wish, Sanjamatsuri Tam Chan Mama
Power Sanjamatsuri to calm the corona Shiro
Become a dance of sealing the corona Sumire Returns
Sanjamatsuri Showa's father goes crazy Sherlock
Sanjamatsuri supported by unchanging love Lonely person
Immunity is hidden in the gods Satsuma Fuji
Shirasagi enhances vitality and dances Keiko
Power that is comparable to Edokko's corona Ken-chan
Teaching that the national crisis is not impatient Kingfisher
The power of guardian dogs glaring at Corona (from Ochi) Spot-billed duck M
Live is more attractive than the line Sanjamatsuri Rice farming
Sanjamatsuri to pray and support with the corona 39 (Thank you)
GoTo and stay home love three companies OK
Hizen and Toshi support each other Naniwa mitochondria
Festival-loving GoTo three companies jumping autumn Arashiyama
Sanjamatsuri Reiwa Midai no Epidemics Bogwood
Carrying Japan up with the spirit of the three companies Ordinary
Sanjamatsuri that connects people with distance bonds Fukurai Sparrow
The power of the Sanjamatsuri with the blessing Tohri
Edo Mikoshi inherits the power of white socks Riku Nakazawa
Sanjamatsuri supports each other and connects traditions Ama of Chita
Sanjamatsuri Supporting love is one team Sumika
Raise the spirit immunity of the three companies Megumi Sakata
Save power for next year and first corona Cave King
Sanjamatsuri which cannot be canceled without spectators Golden bug
Sanjamatsuri supported by reverence Toshiro Umeda
Sanjamatsuri that sends ale from the net Ichibanboshi
Aragami Mikoshi is supported and supported rookie
Sanjamatsuri continues to support Edo culture Yan-chan
The power of downtown Sanjamatsuri Yasushi
Powerful dance to the reiwa of the sky fluffy
Charging is that day at that time Sanjamatsuri Matteboshi
Supporting the three nets and being supported by the three companies Father Father
Repel the illness and the power rope Tonkichi
Even self-restraint is turned into power and Sanjamatsuri Techno Bo
Waiting for the autumn of the three power storage companies Takeyuki
Self-restraint-centered support Sanjamatsuri Grandpa Z!
The power to win from the three pillar stone monuments Shin-chan
Make a wish to Senryu and send it to the shrine Mutsumi Shirakai
The spirit of the three companies that survive the plague Shu-chan
First of all, Asakusa is doing well at Sanjamatsuri Godibayashi
Three companies that are good to wait if you wish for convergence black cat
Support with phrases so that the Sanjamatsuri interrupted Ume Mama
Delivering 700 years of power Sanjamatsuri SK Kapi
Avoid the Three Cs and calmly squeeze Ichibe
Three Cs is happy if it's a god Sanjamatsuri Shibasaki Michiru
Sanjamatsuri A showcase of the power of Edo Green people
The power to survive the corona disaster Sanjamatsuri Takako
Sanjamatsuri with the support of Corona Fumer
Sanjamatsuri supports Reiwa of Corona Kazu-chan
Three companies heat up the fall of corona Gonta
Corona Festival The local power to support Kobaken
The true intention of the festival is revived by the corona Worker bee Chie-chan
Three companies waiting at Kintore and stay home Hideko Asayama
Sanjamatsuri inherited with thousands of shoulders Sadako Yamanaka
Escape the new corona to the shout Motoaki Ishikawa
The bicep of a portable shrine that is not defeated by viruses Humble
Edo temperament that supports the three companies in the world Old-haired father
Amabie also gently watches over the portable shrine Fluffy cat
Speaking of GoTo, Asakusa Sanjamatsuri Freesia
Corona depression paid Sanjamatsuri Nayama
Save power for the Sanjamatsuri Autumn Etsu
Only the portable shrine knows my power Hayato Asama
It's a city that has endured the plague Hirai
The festival day is worth the wait Hiroshi Uemura
Asakusa Heale GoTo Sanjamatsuri Sumire Returns
Even if it is postponed, the power of the festival is in my heart Saki
Sanjamatsuri that supports remotely Grandfather
Binzasara supported by beautiful works Haruru
Supporting the Hand Sanjamatsuri for the next generation Begin
Sanjamatsuri Faint
It looks good on the bicep three shrine mikoshi Shandong Cape
Autumn with three nets avoiding the three dens At last
There is a future in the three networks that support each other Taru Mama
Sanjamatsuri like the voice of likes Tonami
Sanjamatsuri is a pinch that everyone supports Takahiro Inaba

Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Wake up in the morning and get excited Sanjamatsuri Yuu
Inheriting the soul that supports the portable shrine Gero
Run through Asakusa with the gale of three companies 妃 地 妃
Sanjamatsuri to protect the life of the corona Mao Yokomizo
One team that combines the power of Sanjamatsuri Saku

Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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