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Information for the first birthday

The first birthday festival is one of the life rituals that we thank the children who have been born into this world for welcoming the milestone year, and wish them healthy growth.
This is a tradition that has been passed down in Japan for a long time, and we hope that children will carry a single mochi mochi wrapped in furoshiki on their backs for "lifelong" health and happiness.
When we receive this prayer, we will give you an amulet, a rice cake with the name of the child, and a furoshiki wrapping it.
Please visit the shrine at the important turning point of one year old, give a tribute to God, and celebrate with the whole family.

Application method: Reservation required
*Please contact us by phone or by phone for the desired date and time.
*As a matter of preparation, the reservation will be made one week in advance.

Starting charge: Feeling better than 10,000 yen

Awarded items: birth guard, furoshiki, one rice cake (with name)

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