From 3 pm on Wednesday, November 15 (Wednesday), we will have a Shichigosan Festival Festival.
If you are coming to the shrine, please come and join us (^ ^)
The festival time will be about 30 minutes, as the Shichigosan Festival Festival will be a bigger festival, unlike ordinary prayers. Please note.
Those who wish to attend will be asked to register at the Asakusa Shrine office before 2:50, with all of their families in line.

* What is Shichigosan?
"Children are gifts from God" is said. This God is about Mr. Shrine. So when a child is born, I will report and appreciate the shogun to the shrine for about a month. And it is said that "Until the age of seven is the Son of God", souls have not yet settled yet since childhood for a while. By repeating ceremonial rituals in front of the gods there is a meaning of consolidating the soul.
Why are you celebrating three, five, seven?
Shichigosan is a custom to celebrate the milestone of child's growth in the samurai society of the Edo period,
   Hairstand (Kamioki) 3 years old
   Hakama wear (hakama bag) 5 years old
   Otomo Sanpei (Ototo) seven years old
Hair setting is
A 3-year old man and a woman raise their hair. I was shaving my hair from birth until about three years old.
With hakama dresses,
A 5-year old boy is the first ritual to wear a hakama. By wearing a hakama, awareness as a man is born.
What is obi is?
It is a ceremony that girls tighten an adult band with an attachment belt. Take the attachment strip, cover the eight mouths, dress a small sleeve, and tighten the wide band. It says that the wish to put the soul in it firmly and not to bring down her body was put in it.
Anyway, 3 years old can start walking alone, 5 years old can not keep an eye on her, 7th birthday joins society (in modern elementary school entrance), put on a number that is worrisome for parents, Shichigosan 3 Watching the growth of children in the smile of their families has long been an important thing both in the past and now.

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