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Tomorrow, Thursday, November 23rd, is the New Festival.

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 23rd, is the New Festival.

~ For everyone who made reservations for participation ~

The festival will be held from 10:00 on that day, so please complete the reception at Asakusa Shrine office from 9:30 to 9:45.
* Please contact the Asakusa Shrine in front of the entrance to the office.

Please pay your feelings from 1000 yen as a skewer.
The egg skewer is an “offer to God”, so please bring it in a bag.

I will also write a new sacred fellows' participant limitation Goshuin . Please deposit the red seal book at the reception desk.

* The Goshuin is a proof of your worship.
There is no Goshuin “paper”.

I write a Goshuin in the festival and we are planning to hand it over after the festival.

The celebration time is about 1 hour. Please note.

Please come in a suit or similar clothes.
Ascension with bare feet is not possible, socks, socks, stockings, etc.
Please wear it.
Asakusa Shrine is an important cultural property of the country and does not have air conditioning.

Please come warm.

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