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2019.03.06 Update

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Organ Inari Shrine example large festival

March 18 (Monday) 11 o'clock example ceremonial ceremony

From 11 o'clock on March 18th, a great festival will be held at the Shinto shrine, a cruel Organ Inari shrine, sticking to life and improving entertainment.
We will deliver rice earned in Kanda in the precincts of Asakusa Shrine. (The number is limited.)
As a sacrifice to the Shinto shrine.
We deliver sweets for children.

Example Following the great festival, votive entertainment will be performed in front of the Shinto priest. Please do not miss.

Example Great festival dedication entertainment program

10 o'clock Biwa performance Teruyo Nakao
12 o'clock Edo arts or cheeks Sakuragawa Pin assistant
13:00 Edo youth rubbing doll Kojo Kamijo
14:00 Shamisen Moments Toshihiro Fujimoto
15:00 Bugaku Shigaraki

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