2022.06.11 更新


Hyakunin Isumi Karuta taking class


We are holding a classroom that enjoys traditional Karuta play at Asakusa Shrine. Let's learn how to play Hyakunin Isui fun.

Although it is a classroom for children, adults can also participate. Why do not you play with your father's mother or grandpa grandma together?

Hyakunin Isumi Karuta taking class

place Asakusa Shrine Office
Practice day On the 2nd and 4th Saturday
time 3 pm - 5 pm
age Child ~ Adult
Monthly tax 1,500円
教材費 1,000円/初回のみ
Belongings 五色かるた
Clothing ズボン(スカートの場合はズボンをご持参ください。)
講師陣 現役大学生競技かるた有段者
How to apply 浅草神社へお申し込みください

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