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Updated 2018.04.23


Asakusa Children's Kabuki Classroom

It is a classroom for children to experience the performance of Edo Kabuki developed in Asakusa.

 In addition to domestic as well as overseas, we are focusing on spreading Japanese culture, KabukiProfessor Shiro TachibanaAnd it has been active in many fieldsMr. Onokomi Momoko(Momoka Fujima) under the direction of the guidance,I am training hard even with fun.

Why do not you try raising Asakusa's kid kabuki while learning the basics of etiquette and Kabuki?

From time to time, students are recruiting!

※ I am limited to those living in Taito-ku.

Asakusa Children's Kabuki Website is here

Asakusa Shrine Children's Kabuki lesson

Rehearsal hall Asakusa shrine office office or Kaminarimon citizen association
Practice day Twice per month on Saturday
time 6 PM - 8 PM
Monthly tax 4,000 yen
Performance cost ¥ 10,000
Payment will be made each time the performances
Object Men and women of elementary school 1-6 years who live in Taito Ward
How to apply Please apply to Asakusa Shrine.

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