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Updated 2017.04.19


Your best wishes

We will carry out the "Devilish Consciousness of the Consciousness of Good Peace" at the occasion of the Emperor's Majesty playing on April 30th.
For over 30 years from your throne, we have walked with the people and sent us your heart, thank you again for now, it is a celebration to pray for the safety of the various ceremonies concerning the concession.

Please contact Asakusa Shrine as attendance is subject to reservation.

The details are as follows.

Your best wishes

Date and time of study April 30 at 15 o'clock
Festival time Plan for about 30 minutes
Reception time 14:30 to 14:50
First ear charge Please put your feelings on the order of 1000 yen.
Application method Reservation system Please contact Asakusa Shrine.
We would like to hear your name and contact information.
Notes You can not go up barefoot. Be sure to wear socks and stockings.

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